Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Dungeon Decor

My board game involves a number of floor tiles to create the map that the characters explore. The tiles represent the dungeon or tunnels. Seeing as I went with something more stylised and cartoony, I didn't want the floor tiles to be overly grey or monotone.

Seeing as all that's seen is the floor, because the tiles are from a top down view, I needed to pick something more interesting than dirt. I ended up choosing something along the lines of cobbled floor tiles. I decided to model the tiles in 3D and then render the image.

The room floor tiles modelled in 3D.
The corridor floor tiles modelled in 3D.
Both sets of floor tiles overlapped and textured.
The starting Home tile.
The locked, and optional, Exit tile.
The crossroad corridor tile.
The corridor t-junction.
The corridor corner.
A straight corridor tile.
A room with 3 doorways/t-junction.
A corner room.
A room with 2 doorways on opposite sides.
A dead end room with a locked door. 

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