Tuesday, 12 August 2014

A Monster of Medieval Mythology

For the monster, I was worried that I wouldn't have the time to design, model, rig and weight a more extravagant like a dragon or something more spectacular with the remaining time I had. So, I looked into other creatures from medieval mythology. I was more attracted to the more humanoid monsters because, given the time remaining, it'd be easier to model and rig something of a similar shape to the hunters, having already had practise rigging them.

In my research, I stumbled across a monster called an Anthropophage, which is so commonly mixed up with another creature called a Blemmyes that the two have merged into one being. It was common in medieval mythology as well as others, and also referenced in Shakespeare's Othello. The Anthropophage is described as a tribal cannibal that eats human beings, and the Blemmyes appearance is a giant humanoid without a head, with its face within its torso. As these two creatures are often confused with one another, I combined the two descriptions for my creature.

Artwork of the Anthropophage/Blemmyes.
A turnaround for the creature.
A quick size comparison between the creature and the hunters.
The initial low poly model of the monster.
The low poly being upscaled slightly from the low poly.
The Maya model close to being finished and posed.
The Maya model having been UV mapped, rigged, weighted and posed.
The Maya model imported into ZBrush further upscaled and ready for print.

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