Tuesday, 15 July 2014

The Alchemist/Plague Doctor

For the last "hero" character, I wanted to pay homage to more traditional fantasy classes, but I didn't want to include magic in the game as it may have complicated the rules. Instead, I went for something similar, but leaned more towards medieval medical practises. I went for the plague doctor theme as the robes fit with the tabards of the crusader and the archer, and the beaked, bird-like mask further creates a link with the other hunters, especially the archer.

Artwork for the alchemist.
The turnaround for the alchemist.
The initial low poly model of the alchemist.
Upscaling the model in Maya.
Further upscaled in Maya.
The model having been UV mapped, rigged, weighted and posed.
The completed Maya model.
The model with a base added, taken into ZBrush to be upscaled and smoothed, ready for print.

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