Tuesday, 10 June 2014

The Archer/Bowman/Ranger

I wanted to have at least one specialist ranged character. The idea was to have a hooded figure with some sort of mask beneath. I started modelling with one mask, and then changed the mask on the model and the artwork at a later stage.

The artwork for the ranger after the mask was changed.
Turnaround for the ranger with the original mask.
The initial low poly.
The first stage of upscaling the model.
The model having been further upscaled in Maya.
The completed upscaled Maya model. 
The model being rigged, weighted and posed. The old mask had also been deleted to make way for the new one.
The completed Maya model of the archer including all props and the new mask.
A closeup of the new mask.
The model having been taken into ZBrush to upscale further. On the left, divisions have been added before smoothing. The right smoothed straight from the rigged model. Ready for printing.

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