Tuesday, 13 May 2014

The Medieval Crusader

For my second character, I wanted something similar to a knight but was lighter armoured and lighter on their feet. I also wanted to keep the character's face covered, to make them more androgynous.

Artwork for the crusader.
The crusader's turnaround.
The initial low poly model.
Adding more tris and smoothing the model as I go.
The model has been further upscaled, and is almost ready for UV mapping, rigging and weighting.
The model has been rigged, weighted and posed. 
The model has had all its props added, but will still need to be upscaled further before I can go to print.
A base is added, and the model has been taken into ZBrush. Extra divisions were added without smoothing the model. The model was then smoothed after so that the model maintained its shape. Now the model's ready for print.

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