Sunday, 12 May 2013

Translating Style Between 2D and 3D (Work from March 2013)

In February, I decided to look at what my inspirations were, as well as decided what the ultimate goal for my MA would be. Having decided what I'd like to do, for now, I took a couple of characters I had designed in my spare time during the first semester and decided to model them. Starting in March, I began to model a couple of the characters, starting with the monkey.

Initial Concept

Body renders
Head renders
Basic body texture
Basic head texture
Basic eye texture

After creating a low poly mesh for this character, UV mapping, and applying a very basic texture, it was at this stage that I began looking into turning this character into a printable 3D figure. I began editing this model above, making sure it had no holes in the mesh. I also began to look into properly rigging this character for posing, and taking it into Mudbox to increase it's poly count and make the model smoother without affecting the desired silhouette. Unfortunately, I've yet to finish adjusting this model for print as I got distracted by writing the contextual studies essay.

The next thing I'm going to do with this model is continue making those adjustments, rigging and smoothing the model in Mudbox, as I start moving on to the next set of models. Getting a prototype 3D print of this character will inform the basis of the next series of models to come.

In addition, I began 3D modelling a second character, based on one of the cartoon Mass Effect characters that I did but, again, researching and writing the contextual studies essay eventually became priority. This time, I attempted to do a high poly mesh in Maya but that proved to be very time consuming.

Mass Effect character turnaround

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